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Originally Posted by MikeyG View Post
@Gohisha Ah thank you for spotting that. You can tell I'm new to MEGA as well. Updated linked. Please try again.

@Methanoid Debian 10 buster is 4.19 based that's the reason why. Ubuntu 20.04 is linux 5.4 thats why I want to look at porting this to Ubuntu but this is more envolved and I wanted to start simple and work on it.
And I've read that very little development and patching is done on 686 platform now so I would like to look at x64.

Thanks MikeyG. Didnt know you had a YT channel (you could maybe mention in a sig discretely!) so subbed

FYI, its SYSLINUX not SYSLINK (video!)

I will have to have a play with it.

A video on how to install to HDD without using Syslinux (which i think messes with MBR sector??) would be great
EDIT: might be useful for that sort of thing
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