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Really like the idea behind this project and would like to thank the author. I've made a youtube video demoing it but I'm interested in updating it with more modern x64 ubuntu base with an LTS kernel rather than 4.15 which is EOL and latest fs-uae devlopments.
The scripts that are mentioned in the previous post, could you give more details on these scripts location. I have what I believe is the latest version which is Amilator-4.15-0-2.rar

I have started analysis in the live/filesystem.squashfs file /var/log/apt to work out what is installed.
I'm not a linux expert but keen enthusiast thats learning all the time. I seen that it uses nodm which is something I havn't come acrossed.
I have found a set of shell scripts in /amilator. are these the scripts mentioned?

Does anyone know if there has been development already to update this to recent debian or ubuntu release before I start working on this?

I can understand the reason to base this on 32bit as it can be run on old hardware and we do like to hold on to our old computers ;-)
But with alot more distributions dropping 32bit and I question how many people would use this on i386 hardware still and best moving to x64?
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