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Thanks to thevoice for helping checkout out the problem via email!

It does indeed look like this problem is something like this:

- If people upgrade to FS-UAE 3.0.5 *before* updating to Ubuntu 20.04, then when updating to Ubuntu 20.04 python3-lhafile is removed due to being incompatible (python 3.6 vs 3.8 - python3-lhafile contains a C extension)

- If people upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 first, then PPAs are disabled (and python3-lhafile is removed). So to upgrade to 3.0.5 you need to enable the PPA again for "focal", and then when you update fs-uae/launcher, you get the updated python3-lhafile package (maybe!).

Part of the problem here is probably that python3-lhafile is just a recommended dependency. Perhaps I should make it a hard dependency (if I did that, the launcher would probably be removed by Ubuntu when updating to 20.04, but at least people could install it again and wouldn't have issues at least).

(Side note: This all would work much better of Ubuntu migrated the Ubuntu PPA repository to point to the new Ubuntu version (if available) instead of disabling the PPA...)

EDIT: I have released a 3.0.5u1 update for Ubuntu with a hard dependency of python3-lhafile. This can cause fs-uae-launcher to be (temporarily) uninstalled on future Ubuntu upgrades unless Canonical starts supporting "upgrading" ppa repositories automatically, but at least parts of the launcher won't suddenly stop working.
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