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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
Many times I see people allocate their copper by declaring them in code/data segments. I allocate chip ram and then build the list upward which allows me to create pointers in the copper - I still don't know if this is a good way to do it but it works fast for me.

Coding is slow due to the pandemic and having a little boy. My wife is looking after him during the day while I have to work because I'm classed as a key worker, so on an evening she is handing over to me.
I know this is not about coding in this thread, but it fits the topic and therefore hopefully may be of interest for some readers – maybe even McGeezer: I let VASM create my copperlists; put CMOVE NOOP,POINTERTOBPLPT ($01) … CMOVE NOOP,POINTERTOSPRxPOS ($10)etc. commands into the list at places where I need pointers; then let code search through copperlist in runtime, find those CMOVE-commands and create pointers.

This way I lose a tiny bit of DMA-bandwith, but can quickly create and edit copperlist with as many pointers as needed.
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