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Originally Posted by redblade View Post
@mcgeezer: Great work on the current video. How much RAM is that chewing up at the moment?
You are using the Sprites for main player, enemies, main player bullets and enemy bullets?!?
When you code the game are you making a custom copper list or are you using _LVOOpenScreenTagList(), _LVOAllocBitMap() ??

Hopefully the engine will be easy to modify for Elevator Action Returns or Clock Tower (SNES)

It's probably easier I tell you what the rough memory calculations are that I have available:

Screen 1	122880
Screen 2	122880
Screen 3	122880
Tiles	61440
Sprites	819200
Code	150000
Copper	2048
Maps	32768
Music	200000
SFX	200000

Total	1834096
The above is based on 6 bitplanes, but the sprites are 4 bitplanes and I can select which bitplanes they are put in and the order allowing for different colours. The BoBs are in 64px wide hardware sprite format which is useful on saving memory - but slow because I can't do interleved blits. I'm working on using linked sprites, so using 1 upper body but for many lower body frames to save memory.

I create my own copper list.

Many times I see people allocate their copper by declaring them in code/data segments. I allocate chip ram and then build the list upward which allows me to create pointers in the copper - I still don't know if this is a good way to do it but it works fast for me.

Coding is slow due to the pandemic and having a little boy. My wife is looking after him during the day while I have to work because I'm classed as a key worker, so on an evening she is handing over to me.

Absolutely no down time.

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