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Originally Posted by AmigaOnline View Post
Btw, with the other IRC server (Join Me! for Windows), the users in the lower right corner of the screen are not displayed, so I can't be the operator (same launcher settings). You can maybe have an idea why it happens
Anyway, thanks for your time
OK, I downloaded and tested this server. The problem with the nick list is that the server is buggy and sends join twice, i.e. you join a channel #a and the server replies with (abbreviated):
join #a
namreply #a
endofnames #a
join #a (<- this should not be sent by the server)

So when the launcher receives the second join, it clears the nick lists...

I believe the server does not comply with the IRC specification: "If a JOIN is successful, the user receives a JOIN message as confirmation and is then sent the channel's topic (using RPL_TOPIC) and the list of users who are on the channel (using RPL_NAMREPLY), which MUST include the user joining." (
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