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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Nice guide. I don't believe the modifications to the s-s are necessary though, couldn't you just put the Monitor drivers in Devs:Monitors?
I can't remember how much storage space was on the Extras3.1: disk (I think that is where the Devs: folder is on boot?!? That's why I just left it on the storage disk and copied over the other files to the storage disk.

Originally Posted by Firestone View Post
I remember having a patch in startup-sequence making it possible to see Early startup and no startup-sequence shell. Think it was this one? :

Anyway, nice guide! Thanks!
Thanks for that, I've got that on my hard drive now. I botched up my startup-sequence and was looking at the "out of range" message on the LCD screen, not fun.

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Hmm... why so complicated? The only thing you need is the (31kHz) monitor driver and the screenmode.prefs that use it. This on a boot disk is enough. You can also use this:
Hi daxb: This tutorial was mainly for new retro users and maybe a hint to amiga forever to perhaps provide 31khz support on the Support 3.1 disk that they sell to Amiga users as an option.
I think you still need to use c:Iprefs, and typing blind and hoping for works is not that much fun.

off topic. The two applications that do not work in 31khz mode are Prefs/pointer and Multiview. But this can be fixed by pressing left amiga+m, and then dragging the workbench screen down so you can see and edit the pointer screen in the back.

Multiview is quite annoying as it tries to change the screen mode to what the IFF picture is but I'm sure that can be changed by a software patch.
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