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Scene Storm Cd Volume 1

Originally Posted by musashi5150 View Post
If you can find a CDROM called "Scene Storm" there are various fragments of effect code on there that would be useful
Today arrive to me the CD SCENE STORM VOLUME 1,

it seems very cool

this is the content:

PARTIES - Demos, intros, graphics and music from all the big
scene events of the last few months.
SLIDESHOWS - Superb graphical demonstrations.
DEMOS - All the latest and greatest demos from around the world.
INTROS - Compact but quality examples of skill from scene groups.
MUSIC DISKS - Superb music presented in fine style.
MAGS - Up to date disk mags and charts for your consumption.
CODING - Megs and megs of quality source code for programmers.
AMI EXPRESS - Doors and add ons for your /X Scene BBS.
MODULES - Wicked mods taken from the latest demos for you to listen
to & load into your tracker. Guest artists also featured.
UFO - The UFO Scene in all its mystery.
ASCII - Collections from the famous Ascii-Scene groups to browse
and use on your own BBS.


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