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Hey guys, There is a binary link here:

This contains the HEX file to flash to your Gotek, and AUTOBOOT.HFE for Amiga for your USB stick, and a simple HXCSDFE.CFG.

You should use my build of AUTOBOOT.HFE on Amiga (as pointed out it is actually just a patched HxC selector). The HxC selector should work unmodified on other platforms but I haven't tested that myself.

Also worth saying this is early days. I've released it as 0.1alpha for a reason, until yesterday it had only had me mucking with it in limited test scenarios. It's undoubtedly got a suite of bugs in addition to the known limitations: it does not play nicely with other drives yet, only use it as sole drive DF0 please.

I'm interested on feedback on bugs and desired features, and how people like to configure their USB sticks. For example I'm not sure whether HxC-config compatibility was the best use of my time, it seems a lot of people would like to be able to configure packs/sets of games in a plain text config file? Perhaps with a different style of host management software based around that? With the basic firmware almost done now there is a lot of opportunity for experimentation here. The project is open and I'm happy to receive pull requests for features/fixes in the firmware, and also (perhaps even more) assistance on new host software as and when.


Finally, I hope to get some nice space for hosting the downloads, rather than providing cryptic Google Drive links. Perhaps I will look into Github Releases, or get hosted on one of the Amiga websites.
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