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I had a quick play with CyberGraphX version 3 (available on Aminet). Some issues I noticed. Note that any or all of these might just be bugs in CGX since I didn't test on real hardware. But anyway.

From a fresh WB 3.1 installation I installed CGX3. Using emulated Piccolo card. I set Workbench to various modes, ran MultiView SCREEN (which opens using the same mode/depth as WB) then changed WB screenmode to another depth/resolution and saw what effect dragging the front screen down had.

Sometimes the mouse pointer gets stuck/vanishes (or the actual pointer position is different from where the pointer sprite image is).

Example: Set Workbench to CGX 8-bit 640x480 4 colours. Run MultiView with SCREEN tooltype, open e.g. S:Startup-sequence. MultiView opens its screen in the same mode as Workbench. Use Screenmode prefs to change WB mode to 24-bit 800x600. Try to drag WB screen down. It can only be dragged half-way down the screen. In the half-way-down position, move mouse pointer around and notice it disappears sometimes. If you keep moving the pointer downwards, the WB screen eventually auto-scrolls up to fill the whole emulation window again.

I also noticed many log messages on dragging screens: GFX SPECIAL BPUT IO 00008000 = 71 when RTG screen frontmost, GFX SPECIAL BPUT IO 00008000 = 51 when native screen frontmost. Maybe CGX repeatedly sets the RTG/native switch whenever screens are dragged?

On a rare occasion I noticed the rear screen image was corrupted or all-black when dragging the front screen down. That's probably more likely to happen when the screens have different depths (e.g. one 24-bit, the other 15).
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