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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I'd be happy to post a list to the qemu mailing list and/or bugtracker if you don't have time to do that. I think it would be appreciated; I noticed someone posted to qemu-devel recently mentioning Cirrus bugs. Probably the bugs you fixed would solve their problem too.
I quickly found following changes: (Sources have " TW." in comments + explanation for change)

BLTUNSAFE() macro is broken. It assumes source and destination have same size and it rejects valid blits if blit is special, for example color expansion.

cirrus_do_copy(): "extra x, y", s->cirrus_blt_srcpitch or s->cirrus_blt_dstpitch can be zeros: division by zero. depth==0 in planar VGA modes, test and set it to 1.

cirrus_bitblt_start(): CIRRUS_BLTMODE_TRANSPARENTCOMP, "If color expansion is used with transparency, background pixels are not written."

CIRRUS_BLT_STATUS bit was missing. PicassoII driver polls this to check if blit has finished.

cirrus_write_bitblt(): Blitter CIRRUS_BLT_RESET start condition check was wrong.

cirrus_get_offsets(): CL 5434/36 "32bit/Pixel Data at Pixel Rate" = Offset doubled. Interlace and multiply vertical registers by two added.

cirrus_get_bpp16_depth(): Missing depth=8 check added.

cirrus_get_resolution(): "if 16 bit mode but SR7 bit 7 == 0: 2x width and palette mode". Interlace and multiply vertical registers by two added.

cirrus_linear_read() and cirrus_linear_write(): "linear vram also need planar handling" (PC hardware may not need this?)

cirrus_reset(): 5434 and newer have 4M support, was 5446 and newer.

DRAM Control register/valid_memory_config variable: handle memory mapping (fixes VRAM size detection if driver tries to find memory size by trying invalid settings for current hardware)

glue(glue(glue(cirrus_colorexpand_transp_, ROP_NAME), _),DEPTH), glue(glue(glue(cirrus_colorexpand_pattern_transp_, ROP_NAME), _),DEPTH): "Color expansion + transparency: fgcol, not bgcol"

glue(cirrus_bitblt_rop_fwd_, ROP_NAME)(CirrusVGAState *s,
uint8_t *dst,const uint8_t *src,
int dstpitch,int srcpitch,
int bltwidth,int bltheight)
glue(cirrus_bitblt_rop_bkwd_, ROP_NAME)(CirrusVGAState *s,
uint8_t *dst,const uint8_t *src,
int dstpitch,int srcpitch,
int bltwidth,int bltheight)
: optimize plain copy blits by using ROP_OP_32 when possible

vga.c: vga_draw_graphic() seems to assume shift_control = (s->gr[VGA_GFX_MODE] >> 5) & 3; must be >=2 (bit 6 of Mode Register is "256 color mode") or it uses standard VGA graphics mode, even if cirrus extended registers are used to enable extended (SVGA) modes. My workaround was to set bit 6 when any extended mode is enabled. This may be bug in my implementation.
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