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Stuff for sale (520STFM,A500+,A600,A1200,CPC128,modded SNES,Speccy games)

Got some stuff for sale :

A500+ fair condition.
A600 still close to proper colours :P
A1200 nice and white, fitted with orig. 64Mb hard drive.
Atari 520STFM I cant remember if I had 1Mb ram fitted, but theres some 1Mb games in the box so I best check that out.
Amstrad CPC 6128 with monitor, printer, box of disks & stuff hardly used since Thatcher was in office
Box of about 100-150 Spectrum game tapes.
Super Nintendo fitted with 50/60Hz switch and lockout switchs, plays US, Jap & Euro carts, slot was also enlarged so no adaptors needed for the bigger US carts, ports modded too so you can use US/JAP controllers on it.
Famicom clone games console, boxed, games built in, gun, pads etc. takes 60 Pin JAP Famicom carts, also have a adaptor to play 72 Pin carts on it (US/Euro NES carts)

800Mb 2.5" HD
Couple of IDE hard drives 8/10Gb that sort of thing.
Intel Pentium 3 800Mhz CPU (Socket 370)
AMD Duron 1Ghz (Socket A)
Intel Celeron 466 on Solt 1-to-Socket 370 adaptor thingy, will take a Pentium 3 CPU.
128Mb of SDRam
SCSI HD's 9Gb & 18Gbs
Boxed HAMA Genlock 292 (needs 5A fuse I took it out for a vibrator)
2 other white boxes which I think where faders/mixers and a genlock for a A500
Sony PlayStation 2 some kind of drive fault, never got round to fixing it.
Boxed as new ADSL Dlink wireless router with USB wifi adaptor too, still got some of the cellophane on it.
5 x 60-72 Pin cart adaptors for Famicom games consoles, play NES carts on JAP Famicom or NES/Famicom clones.
Xeon P3 Slot 2 CPUs (700Mhz / 2Mb Cache)

Offers of fairy dust, money, gold, sex accepted.
Sacrifices from the underworld etc. are negotiable

Will be adding more stuff :P

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