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Working or Not Working - Same or Different ??

OK Guys,

I read alot of things lon Emutalk and here that Rainbow island will NOT work on WinUae..

Now the thing is I remember downloading a version of Rainbow Islnds but the adf was named Rainbow_Islands_(+1).adf , it also came with a config file, and it worked on WinUae 100%

Now the thing is I tried this config with a normal version of Rainbow Islands but NOTHING

So my Question is, are the 2 ADF's Different ??

I took a screenshot of it working in WinUae

I can upload the game to the zone if it helps but I was a bit confused as why one would work and the other wouldn't, as alot of people seem to say this will not work with WinUae or they can't get it working.

Help would be appreciated in this confusing issue
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