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Originally Posted by Dwyloc View Post
I can also confirm that it boot and has working keyboard support on my Minimig Amiga A500/A600 FPGA Amiga clone.

Originally Posted by Dwyloc View Post
I have not tested the A600 IDE support using the Minimigs hardfile emulation as I don't really have the Atari know how to setup a harddisk so I will have to leave that to someone else to test.
Easy: EmuTOS has support for PC-formatted disks and FAT16 partitions. (up to 2 GB - the by-design limit). So you can use any image of a standard PC-formatted USB stick, SD-Card or watever. Important: you must use FAT16 partitions, FAT32 is not supported.

Originally Posted by Dwyloc View Post
So far things are looking good, would it be possible to have support for an non interlaced 2 black and white screen mode as well as interlace is a bit tiring on the eyes.
Sure, I just need any 640x400 resolution with 1 plane. However, I'm really not familiar with Amiga hardware. If someone could write a proper initialization routine for such video mode, or at least point me to the relevant documentation, that would be big help.
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