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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Just done installing everything.

At first, I was doubtful if Raspberry Pi 3 will be sufficient to run as UniFi server, but to my surprise it runs very good and it is very responsive.

I have modem that is capable over 1Gbps, but my current service is registered @ 150Mbps, while speed test reported ~175Mbps.

Ubquity UniFi Security Gateway integrates with UniFi server running on RPi and it was very easy to set and upgrade firmware.

Dual Band AP Pro also integrates with controller and gives you live data as it works, from client IP, brandwith, signal strengths, as well all surrounding radios and self adopts to empty spot.

To make this work I also had to get managed poe switch, that powers AP. I am planning to add one more AP to upper level of the house, but only once I figure out how to run network cable through walls from basement.

This is more setup from small business (actually I know couple that have shit setup compared to this) but for me it just works great and it was nice little experiment. Next, I have to rebuild my server room.

I would also enable MAC only connections from your wireless devices, hence unless somebody is trying to spoof something you will be sure it's only a device you own/have access to.

If you lose the device then you can remove the allowed MAC address from the list.

My ASUS device allows me to add MAC addresses and give them names as some devices really ID themselves with very obscure info related to the device name and the mac address combined together.

Using this together with the KEY should be a pretty good setup.
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