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Ya' like it Retr0?
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y'know... I think it was the word FREE that got to me too

And we are not just talking about a good-google search here.

There are times I wonder if you are stuck in a forest and you cannot see the woods for the trees.

this "compatible" will open up so many projects and eventually free the shackles of the community of laudable legality - can you not see this aspect atleast?

Once a new Kickrom is developed that is as compatible with 3.1 as possible - then looks at a workbench replacements - improved software porting in and out of the AROS community!

this is so awesome - it can eventually used for almost any project - I would say that this time next year my miggys could be running on it..

This is such a positive step forward for the community that I may just have to do some breakdancing in the hall way.
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