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Yeah Hup!

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AF has its place, but its not for most folks here. Nerds like us own enough hardware to justify downloading a romset from the Pirate Bay and using the 1.3/3.1 roms without guilt.

I'd have 1 x 1.2 A500, a few 1.3 A500's, a 2.04 A600, a 3.0 A1200, a 3.1 A1200, A2000 and A4000 plus a CD32 and spare motherboard. About the only roms I dont legally own are the A3000 roms and the A4000T roms. I'd be stuffed if I could be bothered copying my own roms when I could download them and save the time, especially if I was legally entitled to have images of them.

But for those who dont own the hardware or the WB install disk, it's a nice easy to use package to buy and install easily. Good luck to them, but I have no need to give them any of my money.
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