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Fair comment mr a500, noted that you suggested something back then. I bet you would have offered some great advice and still can today. I've seen your Workbench shots in other threads - awesome work. As Prowler said, a lot can change in four years and timing on answers is a big thing.

I still refuse to add, birdie, skins, visual prefs custom buttons, start menus type things, window animations etc - the packs aren't meant to look good by going away from the Classic base look and feel. I still want the packs to be like a Classic Workbench, which I think they are, so in a way that statement still holds true. There is a lot more fluff that can be added than an optimized wallpaper and palette and changing a few Scalos/NewIcon/Copper Demon settings. And even a year ago, I didn't have any intention of adding wallpapers or Themes, as I saw that as the users job and mine to provide a base install. I still do, but decided to offer some shortcuts.

I guess the new accelerators that came out for ECS machines and Rebel's and Cammy's recent work made me change my mind that 16 colour optimization was an important thing to add for users. Many seemed to doing it lately so I thought ok, I'll add it as an install option to save others a little work. I know many others including yourself mr a500 have produced optimized palettes in 16 (or more) colours with fantastic results, but the momentum of Rebel and Cammy's recent work is what seems to motivate everyone recently.

There are probably a few people that have suggested things to me over the years and I've completely forgotten them then gone on and added it at a later date. I guess I should keep better notes! But yeah, people have every right to defend their input if overlooked.

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