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Originally Posted by Adrian Cummings View Post
Does the menu not even load on the real CD32? (meaning CD32.TM is missing) or does the menu load but none of the actual games do not (meaning the device path is wrong i.e. not CD0: which would be beyond strange on a real CD32 of course).

I tried Alcohol to make an ISO and Clone CD and here is the new archive containing both versions to download if you wish...

The TM file is not seen as a standard file if I remember rightly - rather it is written to a fixed place on the disk when the disk was built... hence this 'may' be the problem with the master Amiga CD->ISO rip on PC - I just don't remember.

Other than that I'm going to have to leave it there for now tho as I have Windows 7 to install on several machines LOL - so good luck ok!
Just thought I'd give a fresh heads up that I just upped this zip file to the EAB Server for preservation.

Now if only I could work out why only Doodlebug and Cyberpunks load correctly from the CD Frontend. I have even worse luck with the HD Frontend as no games want to work at all, and I'm just using the CD³² Quickstart setup.
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