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Originally Posted by nexusle View Post
Hey Frode,

Now I post the White Screen Problem in an separate thread.

Since version 1.1.0 I have a problem, that a white screen appears if I go with F12 to menu. If I go back to emulation the white screen remains. If I reset the emulated Amiga, the white screen remains.

I must restart FS-UAE to get a working screen. This problem appears not always. If I go to menu before getting the Picasso96 screen, I get no white screen.

I use FS-UAE on Mac OS X 10.7
Hi. Could this be an issue with the texture size when entering Picasso96 mode? The symptoms can indicate an invalid texture being used (would explain the white screen). What Picasso96 resolution are you using?

EDIT: I'm interested in knowing if one (or both) of the dimensions is greater than 1024. If so, can you check if the problem goes away if both Picasso96 width and height is 1024 or less?

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