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Originally Posted by nexusle View Post
i can't understand how to create a custom controller config.
To check the controller events I use "Joystick And Gamepad Tester"
It gives me the attached output. Can anyone help me create a custom config file for MY controller?
Please check in FS-UAE log file that FS-UAE also thinks it is called "USB GAME CONTROLLER". If this is the case, you should create a usb_game_controller.ini file in FS-UAE/Controllers.

I have written som documentation here (with examples!):

In the tester app, the first button is called "Button #1", but in the config file, the first button starts with 0, so the button corresponding to "Button #1" will be button_0

A minimal configuration could look something like this:

axis_0_neg = left
axis_0_pos = right
axis_1_neg = up
axis_1_pos = down
button_0 = 1
button_1 = 2
button_2 = 3
This line (for example):
button_0 = 1
means map button_0 (Button #1) to the action 1 (== amiga joystick fire button), so if the button you want to use for fire is Button #5, you should replace button_0 = 1 with
button_4 = 1
Good of you to create a new thread, will make it easier to follow it up if you need more help -And if you do need more help, please post your FS-UAE config, FS-UAE log file and your controller config.
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