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Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
New build for m68k 060. On -windowmode going to main menu in-out allows to free mouse, etc,etc. Check please.
Window mode has problems clearing and redrawing the window here. The game works otherwise. The mouse seems to be freed in the main menu. I tried in fullscreen and the game seems to work fine. The vbbc compile works better than I would have expected given some of the bugs we found. There is maybe a few more minor gfx glitches although the gcc compile has a few artifacts as well. The speed is a little worse overall but it's faster in some places. The executable size is smaller with vbcc which is nice. The new vbcc will have some more optimizations for the 68k and 68060 in particular so it may well pull even in 68k code generation to GCC 2.95.3 which Christian Michael used in the last version of BlitzQuake.

The Paula sound didn't work at all but it sometimes doesn't with the old version of BlitzQuake.

The best and fastest chance for speedups and new features is to let Alain Thellier look over the source. He knows Warp3D inside and out having written a complete software replacement. He knows which Warp3D functions are fastest and which can be replaced by faster versions. He may be able to spot slowdowns in Warp3D algorithms. He knows 3D like no other Amigan. If you could get him interested and let him see the code, he would probably just make suggestions and offer a function replacement from time to time. I think everyone is glad to see that you resurrected the project and have time to play with it. I hope you recognize and use all the resources you have available.
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