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No, the "problem" appears only when I delete it from monitors (too) to disable Cyberbugfix. You only see that WBStartup++ (a program that displays the icons you've got on WBStartup/Enabled from left to right, Mac style) without that file shows the icons with grey background instead of faked transparency. It doesn't depends on the delay to open it, it will make the same if you try "Simulate" a while after you've booted.

I don't know if it will affect other program. It gives me the impresion to be using some of the rtg options of Cyberbug.

CGX-AGA doesn't make anything visible here or with the chip ram. Haven't tested it much though.

Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I can't see why we need CyberBugfix or CGX-AGA in the Devs/Monitors drawers. It's not as if it's a user-selectable screenmode in the screen prefs or anything.
I coudn't either, but that's what's written at the instructions

EDIT: Forget all. I don't find anywhere it has to be there. The error must be by another cause then. My apologies.

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