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Originally Posted by aragon View Post

I still have a clean archive of the 3.6a disks somewhere in my library.
If you can wait for a few days, I will have a look next weekend when I return home.
That's great news, aragon! We'll look forward to see what you can find.

Meanwhile, I'll continue trying to repair the damaged TOSEC disk 3. If you do have a clean copy, it will be interesting to see how close I got.


This evening I have uploaded a WIP3 version of the disk image.

Now, only the main.c and comm1.c files are damaged and there is only one bad checksum.

The readme.205m file wasn't damaged; the checksum error was caused by damage beyond the EOF.

There is a discontinuity in the comm1.c file, the last 4K or so of which shares the same data as the readme.205m file, but they are not cross-linked; the data blocks are actually duplicated! Sadly, I am certain that these will have overwritten the original blocks!

The main.c file has some irreversible corruption, which will be quite impossible to repair, unless there is an undamaged copy of the affected data block elsewhere on the disk.

It's possible that no further progress can be made on this. I will not know until I have completed mapping the sectors and file chains, maybe tomorrow.
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