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Originally Posted by reno View Post

I'm relatively new to this and running into issues with HstWb Installer 1.4.1
Actually the issues are probably more with BestWB, and I'd like to know if it's a good choice for what I'm doing :

My goal is to make CF images for my A1200 + ACA1233n, my CD32 + TF330, and an A500 + ACA500plus. It's mostly for WHDLoad games and it needs to be simple (actually I'd like something that boots straight to a games menu program, at least for the CD32), but I might want to use things like Protracker for example.

I'm using a 8GB prebuilt image with FS-UAE on Mac, in amigaos/ I've using 3.1.4 + update, in userpackages/ the demos / games / games_beta EAB packages, and many KS ROMs in kickstart/

1. The first small issue was that after running hstwb_image_setup, there were hardcoded Windows paths (D:\ something) in the FS-UAE config for hard disks. No big deal, I fixed them manually.
All prebuilt self install images are built on my Windows pc, so config files will have hardcoded Windows paths. These should be adjusted to Mac OS, if you double-click on "hstwb_image_setup.command" from Finder. You can also adjust the paths manually.

Originally Posted by reno View Post

2. Then I decided to choose BestWB as a WB package : it seems to try to make things easy and clean for beginners like me (useful utilities like lha pre-installed and file associations set up, etc, required libraries for different CPUs...)
BestWB is a good choice to keep your Amiga OS installation simple and clean. However it does require you to make some additional installation manually like SoftKicker files for WHDLoad. ClassicWB and HstWB packages has these files.

Originally Posted by reno View Post

The installation went fine (except I really don't know if I should choose 320x128 or 320x256 screenshots), but when I rebooted and launched iGame (still in FS-UAE)... nothing happened. I used "SnoopDos" which BestWB provides : it tells me cybergraphics.library and muimaster.library failed to launch... please keep in mind at this stage I wouldn't know how to install them from AmiNet : I don't even know where Directory Opus is (it's mentioned in the installer but I can't see it in menus later), if I can unpack lha files at this point or need to download lha first, etc.

But AGS2 works so I tried a game in it... WHDLoad complains it can't find the .rtb files in the Kickstarts: directory. After a bit of Googling it seems like this is something provided by "SoftKicker" which is missing too.
There is not much help or pointers as to why you can choose between screenshot resolution 320x128 and 320x256. I need to add more details about this to that menu. Basically 320x128 is for non-interlaced screenmode 640x256 and 320x256 is for interlaced 640x512 and RTG high resolution screenmodes.

iGame does also require MUI and a few libraries and extras for MUI, which might explain muimaster.library fail. These are not part of BestWB, so you need to install these manually from AmiNet. It's easy to find details about this. I have thought about making additional user packages to install this, but haven't started on to that yet.

Originally Posted by reno View Post

I guess my question is : was BestWB the right choice for a beginner like me ?
Is there an easy way to get all of the benefits of it but still have basic things like iGame and WHDLoad working by default ?
Should I just stick to HstWB, will it work with my ACA1233n out of the box (I might downgrade to an ACA1221ec later) ?

As a beginner BestWB is good, if you're familiar with installation of libraries, utils from AmiNet and want to make you're own minimalistic setup. If you just want a Workbench setup that has most of all this installed for you, then ClassicWB is a better choice or my own HstWB.

I haven't got a ACA1233n, so I'm actually not aware if it will work with the ACA tools it has installed. When I created HstWB package, I tested it with my ACA1220. This was mostly to get Maprom working, but I'm sure newer tools needs to be installed for ACA1233n. This goes back to me wanting to add more user packages to handle this.
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