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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
It's not a problem, you have enabled vsync to monitor refresh and the game runs a little slower or faster than supposed to run on original hardware.
This made no difference. I know that the laptop can handle hq2bold as it ran normally for months. Something has changed now however. When running with vsync or triple buffering enabled I get a constant frame rate of %99. On rare occasions it will jump to %103 for example. Its not steady.
When the screen is black or if there is no moving image (just titles for instance) the frame rate will stay at %100. As soon as it starts moving it goes straight to %99.


Ive managed to fix this. Sort of.

After using nearly every version of mame ive settled on Mameplus32 0.95.

I have to run the newer versions of mame with vsync off now for some unknown reason or the sound will stutter as it runs at %99. The problem still eludes me!

However. The old version of mame has no stutter, even though the framerate reports %99 59/60 all the time.

If I just hit F11 and hide it I wont know any different. This version of mame has adequate filter effects for use on my projector so its a win win situation.

Not the outcome I had hoped for but its good enough.

Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

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