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Originally Posted by antiriad76 View Post
How does this compare to the HxC Firmware?
I have one Gotek HxC and I really don't want to wipe it. Is there a way to backup the image somehow if I change my mind? If I am not mistaken the HxC can only be flashed with a special Software.
I will generate some HxC-bootloader-compatible UPD file of this FF firmware. That way you have nothing to wipe . I have already done this for the Cortex firmware.

That way with one HxC bootloader you will have 3 possibles firmwares : HxC, Cortex and FF. Nice isn't it ?
And more important for me, this will avoid me some extra supports like this one: "hello, i have erased the firmware and want to flash it again" ...

I will prepare them this week.
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