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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i know i've said this before but there already exists a ubiquitous and relatively cheap and high-performance PowerPC machine in the form of the XBox 360. Apparently it is possible to hack them to install Linux on it. So why not AROS or AmigaOS 4?
Its a bit messy though, which version of 360 you have, if it will run cfw and full homebrew or just let you use the likes of a xkey to run backups. Same deal with the ps3 which has a cel processor which is fairly close to the ppc too and also available quite cheap now. Also both consoles actually are a bit lacking in ram for a really nice ppc desktop, both having 512Mb, though arranged differently with different access speeds.

I would have thought the easiest option is still to get a ppc equipped mac if you want to dabble in ppc in the meantime of something like this project coming out. In benchmarks the later compatible ppc macs well outpace the rest of the options performance wise.
I have a pegasos1 with a 600mhz g3 ppc in it, and 2gb of ram and a radeon agp gfx card for scratching my ppc itch. On morphos 3.9 its pretty snappy but it seems I use it most for watching ppc demo's and the odd bit of general internet use when I'm feeling a bit quirky.
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