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About 1000 lines of miraculous-it-ever-worked, half-assed, obfuscated C. Not to mention un-usable in the state I left it sitting in for, oh, far too long, such that not even I, the coder, can pick-up the code. Another rewrite is therefore in order, whether by me or someone else, it'll happen, eventually.

As is, it will only serve to confuse more than it will teach. If you're looking for how-to type answers, I recommend you refer to the MAME32/Kaillera source.

I can try to answer any tech oriented questions anyone may have, no matter how trivial.

When, if ever, I escape from my slumber, I'll drop everything for a week or so and complete the rewrite, for that's how long it should have taken. The difficult part for me is getting past my initial mental block, damn brain! Heh

I know I've let many people down, I'm letting my self down.
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