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Originally Posted by Unkown View Post
Its not the huge storage i am after its the speed.
You are joking, aren't you? The Amiga's IDE bus can hardly do more than 2 - 3 mb/s. Every 15x CF card outruns it already. Most CF cards are 10 times faster. Your SSDs are 2000 times faster. It's complete waste to try to connect such device to the Amiga. Better find some PCIe to M.2 adapters and put them into one of your PCs.

Secondly M.2 can be either SATA or NVMe. The former can probably be connected to a traditional SATA bus via an adapter. But the latter speaks another language. You cannot make it talk to SATA or IDE. From what I found with Google your Samsungs *are* NVMe.

Note that the connectors are keyed. You cannot connect a M.2-NVMe drive to an M.2-SATA->SATA adapter.
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