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Originally Posted by ross View Post
You can cover the glitches with sprites.
Bitplane dma is disabled for the whole frame except where the scroll text is. So blanking with a sprite isnt going to work. I originally had big plans to try and make it a sine scroller but with bitplane dma on it doesnt run at 50fps (even with just the standard scroll). Not enough dma time for the the blitter i suppose.

Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
Wow your DDFSTART is quite low ($24)... should be $38 for regular centred 320 wide... and $30 for 352 overscan
Yes Ive shifted it left as i was unsure where the edge of the screen actually was and I obviously wanted the scroll to be full screen. I looked at Magnetic Fields - Copper Mosaic 2 and Pacmania as a reference as they were two things I remember that were a nice full screen.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You should expect $30..$d8 to be visible on any display.
So $30..$d8 is what would have been classed as a full overscan demo back in the day?

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
WinUAE shows complete visible area (everything except horizontal and vertical blanking). Filter panel can be used to make it narrower.
Now Ive come to look at the filter page thanks to this thread. Is "Full Screen (TV)" a fair representation of what would have been visible on a 5:4 display back in the day?

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
A500 ECS: Without touching 1080 monitor controls I see just a smidgen over 2 "steps" inside bezel.
Thats good to know. I could just reduce the amplitude of the sine slightly I guess. I noticed that with copper mozaic 2 the waits are visible with the Full Screen (Max) setting, so maybe I worry too much.

Really really great to know it runs on a real amiga though!!! Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a desire to do something else

Thank you everyone for your replies. Hopefully I will get a bit of time over the weekend and fiddle around with this a little more. Id like to try my hand at some filled vectors though so may give that a go instead
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