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[Solved] Using a Mac to configure an SD card - issues

Hello all.

I've used the following thread to set up an SD card via my Mac with the eventual goal of using the card on my Amiga 1200 as my "games" drive:

I have done the following:
  1. Accessed the 2GB SD card via fs-uae
  2. Set up as a "drive" via HDToolbox
  3. Partitioned the "drive" into AmigaOS (150MB) and Work (~1850MB) partitions
  4. Formatted both partitions as FFS
  5. Installed Workbench 3.1
  6. Installed WHDLoad
  7. Installed WHDLoad games to Work

When inserted into the A1200, it boots without issue to Workbench. But, and this is where things start to go awry.

I've noticed that I'm unable to copy files across partitions - "Error during copy - remove incompete data?"-type error

Also, WHDLoad games which work fine in fs-uae from the SD card fail for a number of reasons:
  • Load to a black screen
  • Instruction error
  • Unable to locate/incorrect Kickstart via SKick
  • Some games load, but do not get beyond title screens
  • Some games load, but with corrupted graphics

Amiga setup:
  • A1200 with 3.0 ROMs
  • Blizzard1230/IV w/FPU and 16MB fast RAM
  • Wedge-shaped IDE splitter
  • AmigaKit SD card adapter on cable to expansion port

Two things stick in my mind. The first is that I need to soft-kick to a 3.1 ROM so that Workbench and Kickstart match.
The second is that the card isn't set up in the correct manner from a low-level perspective.

I have previously installed DiagROMs in this 1200, and no errors have flagged for memory or chips.

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