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FS-UAE 32-bit support


I was trying to install latest FS-UAE-Suite 3.0 on a computer with Windows 7 (32bit), installation works fine,
but when I try to start the launcher (or arcade or emulator) Windows complains that this is not a valid 32bit-Application.

I've also tried on different computers:

FS-UAE-Suite 3.0 on XP(32) - didn't work
FS-UAE-Suite 3.0 on Win7(32) Virtual box - didn't work
FS-UAE-Suite 2.9dev on Win7(32) - didn't work
FS-UAE-Suite 2.83 on Win7(32) - did work

On first glance it looks like support for 32-bit has been dropped in the newer versions, but since the website/release notes are saying
"The packages require Windows XP or newer and work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems" and "Building for x86 (32-bit) still works on all platforms"
this is obviously not the case.

I'm confused...
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