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Borderless Gaming

Just wanted to throw this out here as I was having issues with fullscreen mode. No matter what settings I changed (or added in the advanced centre) I couldn't seem to get FS-UAE to display properly in a borderless window. Fullscreen mode seems to run at 720p also and when changing the resolution it turns off HDR mode in Windows 10. My TV is calibrated for HDR so when it's disabled the brightness is INTENSE!

Using this has solved my problems so far. It takes a second to switch from windowed to fullscreen but I'm using Launchbox and don't mind that. Means I don't have to keep turning HDR back on. One tiny thing is Borderless Gaming recognises FS-UAE as the actual machine it's emulating (like A500 or CD32) so you have to run it 9 different times for all the different machines and add them individually.

Incidentally, I was having an issue while using FS-UAE and Launchbox. Whenever I closed a game, Launchbox would come back fully maximised and I'd have to resize it to the taskbar. I no longer have this issue.

Thanks for the emulator, Frode, it's awesome!
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