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Originally Posted by guest.r View Post
Hi everyone!...
Thanks for all the shaders guest.r, I've tested a few but tbh I'm happy enough with crt-guest with beam_min set to 2.0 and beam_max set to 4.0

Unfortunately, it took a while to even get to that stage as despite my best efforts I could not get them to work. I was putting the shaders into
but eventually found out they have to be in
I was also updating the file database after dropping a new shader into the folder but realised eventually that you don't have to do that!

I had another issue with how to put these in the settings, as I was adding the .shader suffix but that isn't actually required so you wouldn't write
shader = crt-guest.shader
it should actually be
shader = crt-guest
I know this is covered in the thread but would it be possible for you to update the OP with this information? I think it would be helpful for people like myself who only read the OP then skim the other 13 or whatever pages. Thanks.
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