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1) Nothing unusual about the username. Three alphabetic characters.
2) cxFreeze was indeed what I was looking for and the Linux and macOS issues where as close as I could come to even a mention of that much.

The user does indeed have a valid documents folder that, as far as I can tell, does and has always worked just as expected. It's not been moved since it was created (as far as I'm aware).

The interesting thing is while I was troubleshooting last night (I only get to this computer once a week) I was playing around with the Portable version (easier to know where to look for things) and noticed the Portable.ini file in the Extras folder and read it. Mistakenly, I thought the zip version was already configured to be the portable version. I realise now I misread, and when I moved the Portable.ini file where it was supposed to be it worked a treat. My bad.

..which further cements the suspicion that it's Documents folder related (or AppData, specifically). Oddly enough, I can go to exactly that location in the error message and SEE the files it's referring to.

I'll see what I can do about backing up his Documents and re-establishing it. Something's gone screwy in Win7's head, it seems. In the meantime he's at least got the portable version working for him.

Thanks for the clue.
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