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In the Moment i use, Launcher 3.01 and FS-UAE Emulator 2.8.4, this combination runs great, Performance is good und stable on Raspberry pi 4.

I follow config:
Raspi 4 with 4gb Ram and 128gb Samsung Extreme SDcard /Rasbian Buster
OS3.9 CLWB Advanced / PFS3
Zorro 3 Graphics 4mb
030 with 129mb Fast
uaenet device
Speedlink Competition USB Joystick

Can anyone make a Step by Step How To to bring ist on actually version 3.0 on Rasbian Buster? I am not FamiliƤr with Linux and compiling.

Raspi4 ist fast enough to run fs-uae. The only problem is in the moment when i use two mouse, i can not play settlers in splitt screen. Mousepointer regnozing only one mouse or other:Both mouse steering the same pointer.

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