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Originally Posted by Cisek View Post
Thank you

It still is too slow though. I tried also your crt-classic shader, which looks really good on the screens, but with my setup it looks completely different and bad. I tried to use it with lowres and highres and still can't get the effects like on your screenshots.
Does it happen with crt-classic if you use something like this in your settings?

keep_aspect = 1.0
line_doubling = 0
low_resolution = 1
shader = crt-classic
Otherwise a screenie would be welcome for me to think about it a bit.

If you want for crt-easymode-halation (or any other shader) to run a bit faster, then you could also limit the output image a bit, assuming you are running at least 1080p by adding following to the custom configuration:

scale_x = 4.0
scale_y = 4.0
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