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Originally posted by Mozzy
the website says it supports more than two players
This is true for the second release version.

we can get 2 players working fine but how do we get 3 or above? what line in the config do we change as there are no options in the gui?
So I take it you are all running Release 2 Beta 2. Good. There is no need to change anything anywhere! Wait for all players to join before pressing "Start game".

we (me and some friends) are currently trying to get master blaster to work over it
You're referring to "Masterblazer" the two player split-screen game..?

If it's a tournament, figure out between you who will be who, standby until it is your designated turn, don't fidget with the controls while it's another player's shot.

Be a good idea to "disconnect" controllers not in use, particularly the Mouse.
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