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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Shouldn't uaehf.device be faster than emulated A1200 controller? I think the A1200 IDE does not allow DMA...
Anything is faster than PIO IDE (or SCSI).

But first versions of UAE<>Amiga-side communication in "OS4 mode" will make it more PIO-like, memory accesses are done by OS4 m68k emulator, it won't be DMA (UAE does direct writes to emulated memory). It probably still is much faster than PIO IDE.

DMA-like transfer support needs OS4 specific support code because of virtual memory and/or non-1:1 physical/logical mapping. Much much later..

Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Toni: hypothetically, could this lead towards uaegfx support in OS 4.1? (please say yes! )
Yes. It will allow working OS4<>UAEGFX communication but it does not guarantee anything else.
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