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I think there could be a market for something similar to this or this "idea", classic game with classic looking Mega Drive joypads with the game built in. It would be nice to be able to buy a "A1200" looking unit with new hardware, lots of built in games, which are easily accessed. I think if it was marketed like the abovementioned, i think it would even bring new users to the Amiga scene.

When i'm around shopping centres and there's a stall selling the units with the 50 classic arcade games, they are always surrounded. I think it proves with the success of XboxLiveArcade that its not all about the graphics and high def 7.1 surround sound, people still like playing the odd 2d shoot-em-up or Tetris clone etc. I don't think the "New Amiga" should try to be something its not and compete with something that is and always will be superior in the sense of hardware and capabilities.

Keep it retro!!

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