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Only a sugar daddy is going to save poor little amiga now. R&D costs $$$$$, not to mention getting the right people (not many around) not to waste your $$$$$.

You may well be able to use it as a lean mean hobbyist platform fast enough to run MacOS/Windows 98/Linux on the side while still being able to play old amiga games, which would be good enough for me. Advantage is that other desktop O/Ses have moved evolutionary rather than revolutionary due to decreased competition in last 15-20 years.

It will never compete on hardware horsepower or people resources, only way to be level is via what Linux does with OpenOffice etc, other already built apps through porting and emulation (i.e. I can run the same apps the others can), and for it to be more efficient. You need a lot of resources for the first two, just look at how many Linux has.

But you cannot beat the "standard" unless you are revolutionary. Not even the amiga 3000 was revolutionary hence the amiga lost because of that (it was a disappointment after 5 years, not even 256 colours like IBM VGA games, or 65k colours or 16 bit sound to keep the boundaries moving - haha and not even the a4000t years later had any of those), only the amiga 1000, which is not going to come again. (Unless some amiga zealot all of a sudden wins $100 million, and even then unlikely. However they could probably do something if they got together the old crew like Carl S, RJ Mical, Dave Haynie). Back to reality. I give you odds of 1000000 to 1.

Side note: I wonder how hard it was to do a much needed upgrade of
Paula to 16 bit sound and high density floppies. Surely this was mandatory???

EDIT: See my next post below.

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