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Originally Posted by turrican3
Sorry Marco,
I just wanted to know what the amigans waiting for believing in it again,
i will try to don't make threads which can create polemic anymore.
sorry i did not want to sound harsh or telling you what to do, just that in my opinion the threads on this subject, standing the fact different opinions are good and well, are already many and a little unuseful: it's not your responsibility, but i guess it's something this community should shrug off already.
however, that was just my personal opinion.

with emoticons, this what happens:
a couple of members do this: and 3 or 4 do that: someone
then the embittered do this face: or this one: i do this: Dizzy do this one: but he stick the tongue on Fred waiting with the mouth open:
mick_aka fakes asking for while in reality he already unbuttoned his pants: and that's not a thumb...
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