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Since MacSpain uses ACE, Let me discuss my design decisions.

Why using fread() in an Amiga game anyway? It certainly doesn't need to be portable
I plan to make subset of it portable - it already should be able to run headless (no gfx/sfx) on any PC, and there are plans to make a subset of it run via SDL (no sprites, no copper fns, etc.). That's the main reason why I've rewritten your ptplayer to C. Because of that my code is already ifdef'd for Amiga in many many places, so I thought I could have a bit less ifdefs in my code by using stdio for file access. Also, according to my quick googling, there's no fprintf/fscanf in OS.

Back to topic. It's funny that fread etc. doesn't work. IIRC Bebbo's libnix file functions doesn't allocate anything. It could be that there is too little room for stack and it's starting to trash fns / vars.
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