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Problem with fread while booting game from adf

Hi guys!

I ran into a problem while trying to build my game into an adf file and booting it from WinUAE. I do some memory arena allocation on startup, so I have a space to read my files into. My goal is running the game on either 512 Chip + 512 Fast, or 1 MB Chip. I managed to trim all used memory to around ~900 MB, however there are some problems. On 512+512 the game simply refuses to read any files after allocating memory for the arenas, and on 1 MB it loads small 10 kB files i use as logos for splash screen, but chokes on bigger, 30 KB files I use for intro graphics. It works on bigger memory setups just fine, even on 1 MB+64 KB. Is there some finicky memory stuff I have to keep in mind when planning to read files, or could it be a problem with adf?

I use WinUAE for testing, and when I boot the game from exe in Workbench it works just fine, when ~900 KB of memory is left while starting it up. For building into adf I use exe2adf.
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