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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I lied..
The error was *ERR*31
(I think I got the ERR 2 because I named my HFE file Eliminator_2. )

In the zone. If you'd like the CTR file (if it will help), I can do that too.

Update: I finally realized that I could test the CTR file in WinUAE if I copied the correct (i.e. 64-bit) DLL into the right spot.
I did that, and the game loads in WinUAE.
So I know my CTR file is good (at least for booting the game).
Just the conversion to HFE doesn't seem happy. HFE v1 the game never loads (on a machine where the original floppy loads), HFEv2 I get the ERR31 on the FlashFloppy display, and on HFEv3, it never saves the file to an HFE.
FlashFloppy needed a tweak to support HFEv2. Actually the format is basically the same as HFEv1 so it was trivial. Although FlashFloppy next release will mount your HFEv2 of Eliminator, I doubt it will actually work. There is protection by Christian Weber (SCA virus fame) mentioned in the bootblock and I guess this doesn't get represented correctly in HFEv1/v2.
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