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Just to show the internals of my VU meter. I've got to say that it comes in two parts, so you have to solder the leds to the board. I forgot to desolder the momentary switch there and when I thought about using an external switch I didn't like the idea of desoldering 48 pins

So I just tried soldering the external switch connected to the existing one:

I didn't believe it could work, but it does as you've seen.

Right now I've found why:

Momentary Switch: A type of switch usually in the form of a push button that is only engaged while it is being depressed, as opposed to a typical “on/off” switch, which latches in its set position. Momentary switches may be normally open or normally closed. A normally open switch doesn’t make contact until and unless it is held down. A normally closed switch is always making contact until the button is pushed. ... Unfortunately most manufacturers never agreed on a standard for normally open or normally closed...
So this switch works as normally open, so the external one works right and when you press it, it closes the circuit.

Links to see how it works:
Please play it from minute 2' 21" better:
[ Show youtube player ]

And the first, using the switch:
[ Show youtube player ]

Edit: I've changed now the 5V regulator, just in case.
And also I'll explain now how I've made the stands for the VU meter board. I've cut and sticked with epoxy two 5 or 4mm (I don't remember) pieces from some case that had them (made for using screws). As the stands have to be very short, I didn't like the idea of using screws as I thought that they could make too much pressure on them and also then it could happen that those screws could fall over the mobo making some short. So I decided to use/find some plastic replacement for the screws. I've finally taked a cotton Q-tip, cutted it, applied fire with the lighter and then I've flattened it on a side with the flat surface of a wet knife (this method has now been patented ).

Edit 2: Changing the 5v regulator I'm getting more volts now, 4,6-7 or around.
I think I will add an on-off switch to the VU-meter board so it won't work if I wish. Maybe I'll add a flat led for that too

The vertical cartridge adapters are back in stock. Ahem... I've been forced to get another

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