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Some additional informations :

- The firmware come with a USB bootloader : The serial link mess isn't needed anymore for the firmware update/change.
- Once the bootloader in place, you can flash the firmware you want to use with an USB key: HFE,ADF,ST,DSK...
- So far no issue with the USB Sticks tested .
- The server is online since a week now (50 units already transformed ). If you want to update your Gotek drive, just contact me by email (10 Euros per unit).
- You can already get a drive with the HxC bootloader at (probably available into other places soon).
- The ADF firmware should be available next week.

EDIT November 2017 :

Reminder :

For the HxC FW, all the needed instructions and files can be found there :

The main Gotek HxC archive is available there :

Firmware releases notes:

Compatibility lists :

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