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I'm happy to consider this, but I'm not sure what benefits you are expecting if I did implement this...? You are not happy with the current toolbar and want transparent PNG toolbar icons!? I would still have to pick a default background colour so I don't think the effect would be really different...

PNG.datatype which is already in BB4 should presumably handle AISS without me needing to convert AISS imagery to IFF ILBM, although I have only tested representative files rather than the entire AISS imagery set.


>Warp datatypes rule! Awesome product to register and support is really nice!

Unfortunately nagware such as this cannot be included in BB4 because of the massive annoyance to users. Except conceivably in conjunction with a nagware-requester-removal patch. We do not intend that users should be forced or nagged into registering BB4 or any component thereof.
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