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Originally Posted by honx View Post
i tried that tooltype (in my case dh3:misc/mapdata) but it didn't work.

i tried following variations:
This one is the right notation. for it
Which system do you use? (Amiga OS3.x, OS4, AROS, MorphOS) I only tried that on AROS currently.

Oh I see it should be


uhh big error in changelog sorry

Originally Posted by honx View Post
btw. how can i make routes, etc? didn't figure it out yet.
currently i only can make waypoints on the map but no routes.
if i add route in routes tab, name it and save, nothing happens.
no route has been added, routes tab is still empty.
on path tab there is no "add" button at all. how to make path?
as long this path tab remains empty, the edit button is useless...
Creation of routes is not implemented currently, you can only load routes created by other programs currently (Mapparium for example, the LCL version) this will be added in the next Version. I'm a little bit busy currently so next version will need some time and I wanted to have the bugfixes released thats the reason for that unfinished state.

Originally Posted by honx View Post
and how can i set sidebar and stats window to be visible at start?
I did not implement something like that, I think about a way to implement that.
Thanks for the feedback.
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